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"I have used several advocates in my life and never have I wanted to refer someone more than Heidi Friedman. The bottom line is that she is a talented and highly effective attorney and in addition to her legal expertise she really understands the challenges that families face in their efforts to secure appropriate supports and services for their children. She is a tireless and passionate legal advocate who helped get services for my son and making everybody happy. She speaks the right language and does everything the right way, ethically, and with a wonderful smile. She counseled, educated, and most of all supported our family during difficult times. Her work is very precise and professional with wonderful results, ALWAYS! I have hired Heidi for approximately two years and will really miss her!"

- Ioana S., Littleton, MA.




"We have been working with Heidi for three years. When we were looking for an advocate we wanted someone who could enhance and strengthen our IEP and make our services more robust for our son but we also wanted someone that wouldn’t be confrontational and impede the good relationship we had with the school. Heidi fit the bill perfectly. She came in and took charge of the room and she did it without causing any angst among the teachers and therapists and our family. Heidi was also willing to tell us when she thought we had gotten as much as possible out of the school and that we should start considering other alternatives such as a private placement. Heidi laid out the situation and the steps we needed to take to move towards a private placement. She had a list of preferred providers that we were able to interview and get in place for our son. Because of that list we have the best team assembled for our son and we are now sending him to a school that is a perfect fit for him. We would not be here in our current position without Heidi and her expertise. We cannot sing her praises enough, she is knowledgeable, thorough and dedicated, in fact you will sleep more the night before an IEP meeting then she will! She invests in your child like it is her own child, you can feel confident that she has your child’s best interest in mind and will do everything within her power to get what you need from the schools."

- Kit A., Mansfield, MA.




"I have referred many of my families in need of support to attain the appropriate educational services to Heidi. I have always found Heidi to be incredibly responsive to those families and extremely knowledgeable about special education law. I have also had the opportunity to sit at the table with Heidi at school meetings and observed her approach to be firm about what a child needs, a great ability to keep everyone on track on the issues at hand and fair in her manner."

- Donna Shea, Director of the Peter Pan Center in Ayer, MA.




"I reached out to Heidi in my moments of confusion about ASD. Although google had been my friend and I had learnt a lot from my research, I had no idea how to navigate the school system. Speaking with Heidi changed my life; I learnt so much about the school system and services available for my children. She was always available, and she would even go out of her way to find out about resources in my community that were best suited for my children. She changed my life because I am now a better advocate for my children. Actually, she did not just change my life; she changed my children's life for the better. Thank you for everything Heidi!"

- Charmaine W., Acton, MA




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