Special Education Advocate

Campbell, CA
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1) Full Advocacy

You and I work as a Team to obtain an IEP/504, to develop a more appropriate and improved IEP and/or find the appropriate placement. I am there to advise and advocate for you and your child at every step of the way.  I take care of all the correspondence, attend all meetings, and guide you through the IEP process. I let you know your rights and advise you about what to pursue. I will let you know what testing, reports, and observations are ideal, but I understand that money is always an issue for every family and will discuss less expensive alternatives.  I want to know the child I am representing. So, I offer free "play dates" (or meet-and-greets for older children) to get to know your child and your family.  Every child is unique. Just because they have a certain diagnosis, does not mean they have the classic symptoms or characteristics of that diagnosis. Every child has specialized needs.


2) Advocacy Coaching

I coach you on how to better advocate for your child. We meet and devise a plan for you to get the best IEP and placement for your child. I assist you behind the scenes and stay on top of your child's case on an occassional basis, when you need help for a pending meeting or something new arises. I become a resource. I can review IEPs and offer advice, knowledge of the law and advise as to what services, testing, and accommodations should be sought from the school.


3) Development of an I.E.P. Plan

We meet for about 2 hours and devise a plan for you to pursue with the school.  You show up with your paperwork and, while you talk, I review everything you've brought.  I'll ask questions as we go along and advise you on your rights and the law. You leave the meeting with a plan of additional evidence to gather, if needed, as well as resources, a mock-up of the ideal IEP, and a base knowledge of the law and your rights.  This is a one-time meet and greet to get you on your way!


4) Attendance at a Meeting or Mediation

It is last minute and if you want someone there with you at a meeting or mediation, I can do that!  I will need to review all pertinent paperwork prior to the meeting, hopefully meet your child, and have a scheduled meeting to go over the status of the case.  I will do a short summary of all the paperwork with my advice for what services to pursue at the meeting.  I then attend the meeting and we discuss whether my continued involvement is needed.


5) A Home Life Plan for Private Services and Help

I want to help families with their after-school life.  Everyone fights against the school, but no one looks at their home life and the added stress involved with disabilities.  I look at the disability, the resident city and the family's medical insurance and issue a report with all the help and resources I can find! I make sure the provider I give you accepts your insurance, the times and dates of service and/or let you know the private pay cost.

I look into everything you can imagine: from private therapies like Speech, OT and home ABA, to support groups, to sibling shops, to social groups, to fun activities and clubs, to blogs, websites, the law, insurance rights, etc. Following a one-and-a-half hour initial meeting, I will perform research and personalize an all-inclusive strategy for after-school. We would then meet shortly again to go over the plan and discuss any further questions or concerns, if requested.




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